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MSK Plast provides Volvo Construction Equipment with top-of-the-line plastic parts

Volvo Construction Equipment belongs to the Swedish company AB Volvo. The heavy machinery they manufacture needs to be robust, no matter what kind of material is used. MSK Plast is one of the leading contract manufacturers of plastic in Finland. They have provided Volvo Construction Equipment with different kinds of strategic parts for their equipment that excel in quality and in their ability to withstand wear and tear.

The plastic parts provided by MSK Plast are for example exterior Wheel Loader hoods and injection molded parts for machine cabins – parts where good impact strength and design freedom are required.

– What we want from our suppliers is for them to follow the same premium standards we have within Volvo, Emanuel Tirenå says. He is the Commodity Buyer of Plastics & Tanks for Volvo CE in Europe.

Exceeding the customer’s needs

”MSK can give us the quality, delivery performance and the sense of continuous improvement, which we expect from our suppliers.”

Tirenå mentions that one of the best qualities of MSK Plast is that they have a keen ear to understanding their customer’s needs.

– They are constantly trying to improve their production and supply chain. They want to be state of the art in their field and exceed the needs we have. MSK can give us the quality, delivery performance and the sense of continuous improvement, which we expect from our suppliers.

A win-win solution for both parties

Because of the mutually beneficial partnership, it is easy to recommend the services of MSK to other companies who are in need of highly elaborate plastic parts.

– I would recommend MSK as a reliable company who is willing to have long-term partnerships with their clients. Their target is a win-win solution, where they achieve a good profitability for themselves, but for their customers as well, Tirenå concludes.

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