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Positioning accuracy measured in inches

Software company Nesa Solutions has developed INSIGHT Location Intelligence. It is used to provide location-based intelligence to health care and other sectors. While looking for a supplier for the tracking technology, Nesa Solutions discovered Quuppa. After only two hours of testing, it was clear that the search was over.

INSIGHT Location Intelligence has been successfully used at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida.

– Quuppa is our hardware and middleware supplier that provides us with a dot. What we do is to make that dot smart. Our system pretty much allows the hospital to know where everything is in real time, CEO of Nest Solutions, Neil Salem says.

– Quuppa’s technology gives us the coordinates and we then take those coordinates and put them on to our map with business rules and make a solution out of it.

A dynamic system which is easily manipulated

Jose Perdomo, senior Vice President Chief of Ethics and Compliance Officer of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital has been very impressed with both Nesa Solutions and Quuppa’s technology. He has seen how the operations of their hospital have been enhanced by knowing where everything and everyone is located.

– Quuppa and Nesa have allowed us to develop incredibly important business rules. We can use the system to locate our staff and patients. Furthermore, we can also monitor that, for example, our crash carts are checked daily and that hand hygiene is taken care of. It’s a very dynamic system and one that is easily manipulated to provide the information to us, Jose says.

Nothing like it in the market

”The level of accuracy is measured in inches. You don’t find that anywhere else in the market right now.”

The best thing about Quuppa’s tracking technology is its astonishing precision. Originally, Nesa Solutions was set to test the system for 90 days, but after two hours it was turned off because they knew it was exactly what they needed.

– The level of accuracy is measured in inches. You don’t find that anywhere else in the market right now. We will always support Quuppa as the best dot maker, but that is our little secret we don’t want anyone to know about, Neil smiles.

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