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Kraftvaerk makes sure their clients’ needs are fulfilled with haste

Paroc is a Finnish manufacturing company which specialises in energy-efficient and fireproof stone wool insulation solutions. Paroc is one of the European leaders in its field and has cooperated with Kraftvaerk since June of 2016. Paroc has been satisfied with the liaison, and exceptional praise is given to the reliability and international capabilities of Kraftvaerk.

Paroc is known for their red and white striped packages and in addition to their physical products, they want to excel in the customer experience of their digital services as well.

– In order to reach this goal, we decided to start cooperating with a specialist in digital business development, Kraftvaerk, Jyrki Männikkö, the Group Digital Marketing Manager of Paroc tells.

An operator you can rely on

”Kraftvaerk is a reliable operator which reacts to our needs quickly. We can be in a direct contact with the developers.”

Kraftvaerk’s mission is to help its customers with the right solutions to improve their sales and general processes. The cooperation of Paroc and Kraftvaerk included creating a new digital platform based on the already existing one. Later, the cooperation has lead to development work as well. Both the current and upcoming needs of Paroc have been taken into account.

– We have a quite complex website environment as well as a platform that requires some specific skills and resources. That is why we chose Kraftvaerk, Männikkö explains.

– Kraftvaerk is a reliable operator which reacts to our needs quickly. We can be in a direct contact with the developers, Männikkö continues.

International teams ensure that everything works

Kraftvaerk operates internationally in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Russia. Kraftvaerk, wants to build international teams in order to get better access to labour markets and, consequently, to employ the right people. When it comes to Paroc, it seems that the goal has been achieved.

– I think the best part of the cooperation is the team we are working with. Because of them, everything is progressing quickly. It makes us very happy, Männikkö concludes.

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